This site was created July 4th, 2023 at about 2am EDT. It is “under construction”. It should be completed by about 08/01/2023.


Update History

2023-07-09 – Changes Included:

  • Created an inventory doc of the blanks we have in inventory for Sublimation Printing. It shows the item, a link to the vendor and vendor’s web page for this product, price paid, etc. 
  • Started building out the individual equipment pages. I completed the OMTech Polar page, hoping to test out the sections and info before I try the others.
  • Met the first Goal! Garage construction and cleanup done before Monday’s Guests! 

2023-07-07 – Changes included:

  • Added logo to get a feel for how it work with this site
  • Added the .ico file so the browser shows the logo too
  • Nuked some of the “stock” pages
  • Cleaned up the navigation a little
  • Created an “Equipment List” page & updated main page to point to that
  • Configured mail server and tested functionality with the “Contact Us” page… it works now.
  • Created Zoom account and integrated. One Click Meetings.
  • Created a Google Calendar, and embedded into a new page on this site: Calendar, copying the house visitors, vacations, and any scheduled classes I have coming up.
  • Ordered some cheapie business cards from VistaPrint again. I still have my ExactTarget discount for helping them! It’s not great, but I can already tell I’m going to need these: