Welcome to VarmintLabs!


Welcome Maker Friends!

Let’s Bring Ideas to Life, Share Gratitude, and Make New Friends!

We hope you are well and enjoying the summer here in the great Pacific Northwest!

VarmintlLabs was created by three friends: Mike Porter, Rodney Williams, and Todd Hipsher. In fact, we credit Todd for the initial “spark” that ignited this idea. The garage was an unmitigated disaster. Todd mentioned one evening, “Do you know the things we could do with the stuff you have in that garage?”. This was following the same week by two other completely unrelated friends in the community encouraging us to create a space to learn and play. 

VarmintlLabs was created as a private, invitation only, space to inspire creativity, foster community connection, grow confidence, encourage hands-on learning, support and advance communication for folks like Nathan Porter, and as a new avenue to express gratitude to others (And yes, if we are inviting you, by all means, also to support your business interests!)

VarmintLabs is a place where imagination and innovation are celebrated! All life is art: good food, good friends, and making kewl things together! We provide a wide array of tools and materials for projects in areas such as:

And maybe you’d like to show us something new (demo) and/or teach US something new! How awesome would that be?!

So, “What can I make?” That’s really the question isn’t it?

Let’s chat! There is a dizzying array of items than can be created.  Within the next few weeks, I hope to have a video up that shows (1) the equipment mentioned here, (2) what each device is capable of, with (3) examples. ( Ambitious )

I hope to have “demo nights” where I can demo the array of equipment in like 15 minutes or less (tough goal!), as well as “project nights” that combine skills.

We are also very much focused on an events where we make a specific thing as a “starter”, or “intro”: perhaps an embroidered item, or an airbrushed item, something 3D printed, tie dye… 

Wanna make a “wildlife camera” that will capture video, even at night, for the wildlife around your property? Piece of cake! You could buy it, or you could build one and learn!

And, you know what? Does technology intimidate you? Let’s have that talk! I think that’s healthy! Come play, and make you own choices! This is about empowering you to make and to decide for yourself. Let’s learn together!